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We aim to be as transparent and efficient with all our services as possible. To ensure this is possible, here is a seven-step procedure on the process for producing a video:

1. Initial phone/Skype call to ascertain the client's business name, location and purpose of the video.

2. Follow-up face-to-face initial meeting with the client to establish the brief of the video, and get a rough outline of the details that will be included in the video and the company USP's. KM has a standard client questionnaire which makes the information gathering process speedy and effective. The process for scripting, voicing and/or music will be agreed and KM will then seek to obtain formal client agreement to proceed.

3. The details of the video will be put into a script format and a brief will be drafted for the video that the client can then sign off on. Logistics will also be agreed and dates for filming will be finalised, at which point 35% of the agreed fee will be payable.

4. Shooting happens, potentially across several days, depending on logistics.

5. Video editing will be completed on a standard video within five working days, unless with prior agreement.

6. Video rough-cut will be submitted to the client for review. Clients will normally be expected to request all amendments once before a video is produced.

7. final version of video will be made available to the client.