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We aim to be as transparent and efficient with all our services as possible. To make sure that's possible here is a seven-step procedure on the process for producing a video.

1. Initial phone call to ascertain the client's name, location, purpose of the video and establish a meeting time.

2. Initial meeting/skype/phone call with client to establish the brief of the video and get a rough outline of the details that will be included in the video and the company USP's. A date for shooting will ideally be decided on this day too.

3. The details of the video will be put into a script format and a brief will be drafted for the video that the client can then sign off on; logistics will also be worked out and dates for filming will be finalised.

4. Shooting happens, potentially across several days perhaps with gaps in-between depending on logistics.

5. Video editing will be completed on a standard video within 5 working days depending on circumstances.

6. Video will be submitted to the client for review.

7. (Optional) Changes are made for the Video.